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Professional Smart Home System Integrators


Home Automation can be confusing, we make it work for YOU

Amazon Alexa Smart Home

Experience a Smart Home environment using Alexa, the voice controlled AI technology, to control all your digital home automation devices via voice an trigger based events.

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Senior Care

A majority of elder people like to age in their own homes. With our solution be notified on what is going on with your loved ones with real time monitoring, activity and critical event alerts and creating personalized rules and alerts.

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Google Smart Home

Experience a Smart Home environment using Google Home, the voice controlled AI technology, to control all your digital home automation devices via voice an trigger based events.

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Secure Home Network

Create a robust broadband network to accomodate all your audio, video and gaming needs without disruptions. Install security protocols to control and monitor your network usage and prevent hackers from stealing your privacy an identity.

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Apple iOS Smart Home

Experience a Smart Home environment using Apple's Homekit, the voice controlled AI technology, to control all your digital home automation devices via voice an trigger based events.

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Smart Security

Our smart security solution integrates advanced sensors, video analytics and stoarage, energy management, lighting controls and automated door locks which can be controlled with your smartphone from anywhere you are.

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We Are The 

Smart Home Experts

We build  customized Smart Home experiences that fit your lifestyle



Our Expert Team of Hardware Ibnstallers, Network and Software Technicians deliver a customized an awesome user experience.



We design and select the right ecosystem of products that are compatible, interoperable and work seamlessly.

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We map your lifestyle, prefences and design scenes, reciped and other software protocols for a seamless user experience.




We provide ongoing a live human support post installation and hand holding to ride through the learning curve.


How Smart is your Home

Whether it's security, online entertainment, lighting, or temperature control, there are lot's of ways to start automating your home and connecting the devices you use most frequently.

Getting Connected

Getting strong, fast Wi-Fi everywhere in the house is the basis of any well-functioning smart home. If the Wi-Fi can't reach your upstairs guest room or the garage, then your smart devices won't work too well.

Smart Lock

Whether it's arms full of groceries or moving boxes, we've all stood at the front door fumbling to find keys in the dark with one hand. For the ultimate in convenience, get a smart lock.

Smart Doorbell

We're not so lazy (yet) that we can't get up and answer the front door when the doorbell rings, but what if you're not home and you're expecting an important package?

Video in the Home

Having a security camera in the home provides total peace of mind. A smart home security camera lets you keep an eye on things while you're away on vacation, and let you check up on your cats while you're at work.

Smart Shades

If you have hard-to-reach windows, consider putting automated shades on them. Battery-powered Wi-Fi enabled shades, make it easy to close the shades when the sun starts pouring in or when it's time for bed.

Smart Cooling

Ceiling fans are no longer just functional, they're Wi-FI connected and smart. They can be controlled by voice commands via Amazon Echo or on a mobile device via an app. 

Always-on assistant

The easiest way to control your smart devices is by using your voice, and the simplest way to do that is through Amazon's Alexa, the virtual assistant built into the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Smart lights

Adding connected lights to your home is one of the easiest ways to make your home smarter. Wireless Dimmers work with many types of bulbs, making them both dimmable and smarter.

Smart Switches

If you just want to make a few hard-to-reach lamps "smart" you can install a smart switch. Lutron's A  plug-in lamp dimmer plugs into a wall outlet, which you then plug the lamps into.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat helps save energy and money and makes your home just the right temperature for when you arrive. It learns your habits and adjusts itself, whether it's cranking up the AC or turning up the heat.

Smart Leak Detection

With a  Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector, you can be alerted in time to actually do something about it a leak that happens while you're away on vacation or out at work.

Smart Garage

You know that sinking feeling when you come home and see your garage door was accidentally left open, that won't happen if you add just a little smarts to that garage door.

Ready for your Smart Home

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From Real Customers

We design Smart Home Experiences that enable you to bring your Digital Lifestyle Home.

Smaart House installed a Home Automation system in our home, on time and on budget. We are pleased with their services, right from planning to execution and post install training. We wish them the best. 

Ann Brody, customer

We love the smart home experience designed by Smaart House for us. We especially love the fact that we now get video notifications when our daughter comes home from school, that we don't have to leave the door keys below our doormat for our pet sitter to come home to take Sherry out for her walk. 

Patrice Graham, customer

maart House saved the day for us over the holidays when our home broadband service was crawling due to houseguests and use of a multitude of broadband streaming devices. They upograded our network infrastructure and given us the confidence to cut the cord and go streaming for all our enetrtainment needs.

Jill Anderson, customer