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Smarter Home Security





Essential for any smart home is the use of home security and surveillance systems to increase safety, protect your family and monitor activity on your property.

The distinction between a standard security system and a Smart Security System is that you can monitor and control all security activities of your home remotely via a smart phone. You even get notified for events for e.g. who was at your front door. In addition video cameras installed in your home can give you a real time view of proceedings and visitors. 

Our Smart Home Security system can integrate all the following modules to provide you a complete automated security solution:

  • 24x7 Professional Monitoring
  • Get Event Notifications
  • Indoor & Outdoor Video Cameras
  • Video Surveillance with Facial Recognition
  • Automated Lighting Controls
  • Video Doorbell
  • Automated Door Locks
  • Energy Management
  • Failsafe Cellular Connection